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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  February 11, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> you are watching wbal tv of 11, live, local, late breaking -- this is 11 news adnan. >> could afternoon. our big story this noon -- pope benedict xvi surprised the world by announcing is stepping down. the 85-year-old pontiff is setting his advanced age as the reason. >> a shocking decision when the
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pope decided to resign due to the fact that he does that have the strength to carry on with his mission as the leader of the 1.2 billion catholics around the world. >> in order to govern, both strength of mind and body are necessary. my strength tested during -- deteriorated -- my strength has deteriorated. for this reason and well aware of the seriousness of this act, with full freedom, i declare i renounce the ministry of bishops of rome. >> during a small key meeting with a number of cardinals here at the vatican, he said to carry on with your job, you need a healthy mind and body. no doubt about his mind which is a sharp but the body has been weakening by the month. this is an 85-year-old man with a lot of responsibilities. still, john paul ii, at the end,
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one of us -- was unable to watkins began still carried on until he died. pope benedict xvi decided to go against all the rules as the last poll that resigned and that was in the 13th century. this suggests to give way to a younger pope that maybe has got more strength and stamina to carry on with the church as mission. >> for continuing coverage of the pope paul's credit -- resignation, log onto and you can take a look back at his career. this afternoon, mayor stephanie raleigh's blake will give an evaluation of baltimore in her state of the city address and will discuss the 10-year fiscal forecast which recently showed the city needs to make mustard -- need to make major budget changes. it's the city's -- -- get this
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city stays in its current spending trajectory, it will be the -- in the whole within 10 years. economists said they cannot tax more. they said the mayor will announce major cuts and she has given hands of the changes and that will include eliminating the structural deficit and altering the city's tax structure to make baltimore more competitive for growth. >> if we act now, if we act decisively and boldly, we can change the trajectory for the city. >> the state of the city is at city hall at two o'clock this afternoon and will be streamed live on meanwhile, former maryland first lady, kendall ehrlich be jumping in the to the political sacred she will join a political delegate this afternoo in a form for candidates seeking to replace john leopold as anne arundel county executive. it will be held in odenton at
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6:00 p.m. and applications for this it must be submitted by noon on friday. john label design -- resigned as county executive for a judge found him guilty of misconduct in office. the county council has 30 days to fill the seat with another republican. clean-up continues in new england this afternoon after this weekend's major snowstorm crews are rushing snow removal equipment to hamden, connecticut and other cities. there is they got -- they got 40 inches of snow and many people are stuck in their homes. the new haven register reports have the town's streets were still not passable sunday night. some local utility crews are in connecticut right now helping with the cleanup. bge sent about 40 workers to new england to help with outages. like when marilyn needed help last year after supers from sandy, bge officials say it is giving back help when needed.
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>> we will request crews from other states that have not been hit as hard as maryland. when other states are hit hard by harsh weather, we can make sure we can send some of our crews to help them as well as long as it does not jeopardize our own system. >> bge officials said they have not decided if more crews will head to new england until they know how the storms are coming our way >> we are keeping an eye on two potential snows in maryland for the next couple of days and we will have details in the seven- day forecast. it is just cloudy right now and the showers are ending, currently 46 degrees at the airport. 50 degrees now downtown highs in the upper 40's this afternoon the showers will end and the skies will stay fairly cloudy toward the rest of the afternoon but they should clear out tonight. nice weather in store for tomorrow just a little bit
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cooler. >> an arrest in the murder of a woman who was found inside a northwest baltimore home that caught fire friday afternoon. authorities are not saying much but they said the suspect and the victim had some kind of relationship. firefighters were called to the home around 2:00 friday afternoon authorities found the victim's body inside the basement. we will have more tonight on 11 news at 5:00 and 6:00 and you can check for update . a 14-year-old montgomery county board is behind bars charged with killing his infant sister. his mother left him to babysit the seven-month old while she worked overbite. when the team could not get the biggest of crying, he beat and suffocated the mother found the girl unresponsive inside the family's apartment friday morning. maryland law states kids 12 and over can legally babysat by themselves.
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teen-year-old is charged with first-degree murder. the mother could still face charges but it is too soon to tell. >> a 26 terrorist year-old man is behind bars accused of a deadly troubleshooting. the 26-year-old shot two men and a woman as a group was leaving an after-hours club in january. the 25-year-old victim died from his injuries. the trial of a woman police say led them on a taster baltimore and baltimore county last month begins today. this is the exclusive video of the pursued back in january. she took off from a drug transaction in the 5200 block of bel air road, it to officers, and led police into baltimore county. she faces drug, assault on police and traffic charges. still ahead, a deadly shooting inside a delaware court house this morning and what police know so far about the suspect. also, clinton continues after a
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tornado touched down in mississippi and a closer look at the damage next.
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>> people are dead after a man opened fire in the lobby of a delaware court house. it happened a rabbit o'clock
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a.m. and the man shot and killed two women and one victim is reportedly his estranged wife although police will not confirm. the police exchanged gunfire. the suspect died and two police officers suffered non-life threatening injuries. it believe -- is believed the gunmen acted alone. vice president joe biden is in philadelphia today for a roundtable discussion on gun safety. he and law enforcement officials will be joined by senator, several representatives, and deputy attorney general. after the meeting, the vice president is expected to hold a press conference. people living in mississippi will continue cleaning up today after a tornado tore through a town. a storm chasers shot this video showing the twister passenger town for a fire official says the tornado caused damage in this city and the university of southern mississippi campus where police have declared a state of emergency. still to come, a proposed merger
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of american airlines and u.s. airways, find out if it will affect travel prizes, next. >> the rain is starting to clear out to the east and we're watching the next batch of moisture. we will have details coming up. here is a live look at ocean city and it is foggy there. the rain is 32 and along the coast. in baltimore, is 46 deg
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>> more and more signs point to a likely merger brief -- between american airlines and united airways with a formal announcement perhaps coming this
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week. what would this mean for ticket prices? >> if you already bought -- thought you were paying a lot to fly, a merger between american airlines and usair was could add insult to injury. >> this is the fourth mega- merger in three years. >> in the long term, there will be less competition and this will raise ticket prices. in the short term, we are already going to seek higher prices. >> there are bright spots to this potential merger. travelers may have a better experience in the long run. >> you'll get on airplanes and there is moonlighting and you will look up and the bins will hold your bag. you will sit down in seats that were built in the last two or three years that have better seat capacity than that got accolades from for some travelers. >> i did as a great idea. if it serves us well and we have
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better service and more access to flights, that would be good. >> dfw see an economic boost where a smaller airports could lose out. >> you will see a bunch of development to occur around there and more hotels and more places to eat. within the airport. that will definitely have a huge economic impact. >> for airline loyalists, reward miles may be worth more because you will have more routes to choose from. there may be some bumps along the way as the two airlines joined forces, the percs will not go away because the airlines want to keep the business traveler have been. >> florist's around the country are gearing up for their busiest time of year with valentine's day less than a week away that business may mean you get less than what you bargained for. flore arrests were among the
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most complained about the industry's on angie3's list last year. to make sure you get the perfect or other arrangement, experts say place your order now so you are not a part of the last- minute rush and buy from a florist that is located near the place you want to kate deleverage. -- that you want the bouquet delivered. the u.s. army has a new warning if you're looking for love on library the army has posted a nationwide alert for single women in particular about cyber crux posing as combat soldiers overseas. these scam artists seal the identity and photos of real servicemen and eventually ask the unsuspecting victim to send money to ease the pain of war. >> they try a story out of the victim and the victim does not fall for, they adjust their story on the next victim and keep adjusting. >> online experts say you can avoid stammers by establishing
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on-line relationships only with people live nearby and you should always ask for a face-to- face meeting early on. >> now, your instaweather plus forecast >> we are starting to see the rain clear out and pushed through the area. just a couple sprinkles left near ocean city and the same case in delaware. everyone else is dealing with cloud cover but we are still seeing a few sprinkles north of d.c. are not completely in the clear but things are drying out and all the clouds are starting to push east. eventually, we will see clearing for tonight. the winds are starting to pick up out of the south and west and you are starting to see them 10-50 miles per hour and sometimes even higher. it is going to be breezy behind a storm system not only for this afternoon and tonight but into tomorrow.
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temperatures are warming up. the southerly winds are bringing in warmer air and that's why we see the high temperatures pushing into the mid to upper 40's. we season low 50's on parts of the eastern shore and toward ocean city. they are near 53 degrees and salisbury is 58. it is going to be cloudy for the rest of the afternoon for expect temperatures to get up near 50 degrees. some of you could still be in the mid-50's this afternoon. mostly cloudy 3 leaving russia and it will be dry, just a little breezy and skies begin to clear by 9:00 p.m. and would drop to 44 degrees. we have some active weather. this moisture is coming in out of the gulf of mexico and this will push our way by wednesday night. cold air will meet so it is not just a rain event like today. this one could bring snow. today looks nice, all the showers are heading east and we
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clear up tonight and sunshine to start tomorrow. then the clouds in place -- increase wednesday and by wednesday night, with a chance for rain and snow and a mix all the difference on where the storm tracks. we will be right on that rain/snow line. it depends where this note -- where the storm goes and whether we see any snow. keep in mind that by valentine's day morning, there could be some snow on the ground for some of you. the forecast for tonight will have clearing skies and it will be a little chilly. most areas will stay above the freezing mark and that takes this into our seven-day forecast -- cooler tomorrow and only on the 30's on wednesday and the next storm system brings the chance for rain but also possibly snow accumulating into thursday morning. let's keep in mind a chance for snow into next weekend.
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>> exercise may reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer in caucasian men bought the benefit may not apply to african american man at least when it comes to prostate cancer prevention. a new study found that those who exercise the most were significantly less likely to get prostate cancer if they were caucasian man. however, there is no such a link among african-american man. vision screening might be appropriate at young ages. a task force recently said there was not enough evidence to recommend screening children under age 34 vision problems. new data from the university of iowa found testing for such problems was equally as effective in kids under age 3 has four kids older than four. millions of adults and children
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suffer from peanut allergies but there is good news -- tonight at 11:00, donald hamilton has a special medical alert. >> living with a food allergy can be difficult and dangerous but is there a cure? johnnie gossick has a food allergy. he is allergic to peanuts and it was discovered early on when he bit into a pan of butter and jelly sandwich. she has watched him like a hawk ever since. >do you remember a time when you did not worry about peanuts? >> no, his first reaction was when he was eight-months old. >> a doctor and johns hopkins children's center is trying to cure him of his pen at allergy and we were there when he attempted to do something he has avoided for years, eating real peanut butter. tonight at 11:00, we will show you what happened + results from his doctor on a treatment that could be like changing korean
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>> coming up next, your maryland lottery pick three and pick 4 numbers and we will check the weather again. first, i look at how wall street is performing at this hour.
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>> live tonight at 5:00, the
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news on the pope. we're looking to learn more about the man accused of killing in northwest baltimore woman and burning down her number of a u.s. army launches an appeal for women on dating sites, using the u.s. military as a backdrop and that starts at 5:00. now you're maryland lottery midday pick 3 and pick 4 numbers. >> hi there. it is time to apply your pick 3 members. here we go -- we got a 2 in the middle -- that is a 9 ander file number is a 3 making a pick 3 #today 293. we will get to the pick 4 number in a moment. 40 ruby scratch off as in plenty
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of chances to win. to win $40,000, the first drawing is february 13. here are your pick 4 numbers -- that is a 7 the next number is another 7 followed by -- another7 your final number for your pick for day and is a 2. 7772 is the pick 4 number. the maryland lottery -- pick let yourself plight. >> we're talking the potential for snow? >> nothing is etched in stone but we are drying out the rest of tonight and nice tomorrow but: president barack obama -- but cool and breezy. a busy weekend, just stay attuned to the weather. >> thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. >> watch tonight at 5:00. have a great
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